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The mission of Make Schools Safe Inc. (the “Foundation”) is to make schools safe for all, especially the students attending school. The genesis of the Foundation is the 2/14/2018 tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

There will be other foundations and efforts related to the tragedy. This Foundation’s mission is to make schools safe so that similar tragedies do not occur in the future. The following activities will be carried out in order to accomplish the Foundation’s mission. There may be changes to the activities, but the overriding mission to make schools safe will not change.

best practices

Develop best practices for schools to insure safety. A model of best practices exists in Southwestern High School in Shelbyville, Indiana. Enclosed is an article about the safety measures at Southwestern High School. The Foundation will use Southwestern as a starting place and develop additional safety practices using safety industry leaders such as Net Talon Security Systems, Inc. (Fredericksburg, VA) to create ideas (see www.nettalon.com). Net Talon developed the Virtual Command Center, a system that links a school directly with law enforcement. The Foundation believes it will be able to elicit help from the school safety industry. Net Talon is mentioned as an illustration of a company that focuses on school safety. There is no planned relationship between the Foundation and a private business, thus no impermissible private benefit or commercial exploitation. The school safety industry will be used as a resource.


The Foundation will educate schools about the best practices it develops. This effort will start in Broward County, Florida with a school like Westglades Middle School which is located near Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Personnel at the schools will be shown what practices can be installed to promote school safety. In the future it is hoped and anticipated that the Foundation’s educational activities will expand to other schools in Florida and ultimately schools across the country.


The Foundation will make grants to schools to implement the best practices. Although currently unknown, it is thought the cost to implement best practices at a school will be in the range of $300,000-$500,000 per school. The mechanics of making grants has not yet been developed.


The Voice of the foundation is going to be made up of the Dream Team 8. The Dream Team 8 will consist of 8 children who will be the Voice of the mission. Peers, parents, school staff, law enforcement and professional athletes will support and collaborate with The Dream Team. The Dream Team will be creating a Dream Team Club in their school to work on school safety, social media issues, bullying and other hot topics. The Dream Team will be doing public speaking, fundraising, and holding meetings with Coach Lori to develop best practices for making schools safe. In addition, the Foundation will ask professional athletes who are well known to students to discuss school safety and related issues with them. It is believed that students will be inclined to listen to and follow the lead of the people that they look up to, admire, and respect. It is expected that these discussions will lead to more conversations among students about school safety and, ultimately, to a substantial word-of-mouth campaign that promotes school safety.


Each of the 17 students/staff that died had a special interest. The daughter of the founders of the Foundation had a special interest and skill in soccer. The Foundation plans to grant a scholarship in the name of the founders’ daughter, Alyssa, for soccer-related activities. Initially, the scholarship will cover the $1800 membership fee required to play for the soccer club. The scholarship will be rewarded to a recipient from Broward County, Florida that demonstrates an interest and competency in soccer. The selection process has not yet been developed, but it will be objective and transparent.

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