Dream Team Club

Dream Team Club is a club in a school whose objective is to be the voice and to tackle hot topic issues with peers.


  1. Meet with your Superintendent and Principal once every 45 days, in a round table forum, to discuss issues and important topics, such as school safety, cyber bullying, social media safety, anxiety/depression, etc.
  2. Report to Coach Lori Alhadeff to give a detailed report of the problems and solutions discussed on the meeting.
  3. You are not allowed to exclude anyone from your group.
  4. Two fundraisers per year. The money from the first fundraiser will be donated to Make Schools Safe, Inc. and the money from the second fundraiser will be donated to your school for school safety.
  5. Perform community service by joining forces with your peers. Create groups of eight students to help a group of people in need. For example, eight kids figure out where and when they can volunteer at a homeless shelter, and together they decide on a date and time to go. Bring a picture of Alyssa and report to Coach Lori Alhadeff about your volunteering experience with pictures.
  6. Create your own t-shirt with Make Schools Safe, Inc. logo for your Dream Team Club.
  7. Activity: Perform a good deed by handing out slips of paper with Alyssa’s picture on it to your peers throughout the year.
  8. Have fun!